Contract – Purchase and Sales Agreement

This agreement is made this_______________day of______20_____, between Family Bulldoggies (Seller) and_______________Buyer. This Purchase & Sales agreement for one Olde English Bulldogge puppy.

Buyer’s Information:

Phone Number:_____________________

Puppies Information:

Date of Birth:_____________________
Puppy’s Sire:______Reg #:
Puppy’s Dam:______Reg #:
Puppy’s Color & Markings:

Purchase Price: $______(Limited Registration) or $______(Full Registration)

Shipping Information:

Shipping Costs:______Responsibility of Buyer.
Shipping Address:
Date of Shipping:
Name of Receiving Party:
Phone Number of Receiving Party:

This puppy is registered with the IOEBA.


  1. Buyer agrees to complete the registration of puppy with the IOEBA, within three months of receiving puppy. Puppy’s registered name must use Family Bulldoggies as the puppy’s producer and prefix on the puppy’s registered name. Example if your puppy’s name is to be Tank, then the puppy’s registered name is be Family Bulldoggies Tank.

  3. Puppy will be in good physical condition at the time of shipping or pick up and up to 48 hours afterward. Puppy will be current on vaccinations, de-worming, micro-chipped and has a one-year health guarantee against genetic diseases. The Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian of their choice for a complete physical examination within 2 business days after receiving the puppy. If the Veterinarian finds the puppy to have a serious physical condition other than common bacterial infections, such as, but not limited to coccidia or giardia which are treatable, Seller will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value.

  5. Seller reserves the right to refuse or cancel the sale of a puppy to anyone at any time, for any reason if the welfare of the puppy is of concern. If at Seller sole discretion decides to cancel the sale of the puppy, then the Buyer will be refunded his/her money in full.

  7. A $500.00 Non-Refundable deposit will be required to hold your puppy. Puppies are picked on 1st come (1st deposit received) 1st pick basis. The puppy must be paid for in full when they reach 8 weeks of age. If Seller does not receive payment in full by 8 weeks of age, Buyer will receive written notice and will be given 48-hours send full payment of puppy. If after this 48-hour period is over and full payment has not been received by Seller, then Buyer forfeits puppy, all monies and rights of puppy to Seller.

  9. Buyer must pick up or have delivered puppy by 8 weeks of age or Buyer will incur a $25.00 a week boarding fee plus any other expenses incurred to include but not limited to veterinarian checks, vaccinations, canceled shipping fees and additional shipping fees. These additional fees incurred must be paid in full prior to Buyer picking puppy up or shipment arrangements made. If Buyer has not picked puppy up by 12 weeks of age without written agreement provided by Seller, then Buyer forfeits puppy, all monies paid and rights.

  11. All payments for puppy can be made with the following; cash, money orders or credit cards via Pay Pal. If payment is made through Pay Pal Buyer must add 3% to the total amount to cover Pay Pal Fees. No personal checks will be accepted unless written agreement by Seller.

  13. Shipping is available and can be arranged by Seller, all shipping expenses must be paid for by Buyer. In some cases, Seller may be able to drive part way to a delivery point with Buyer.

  15. This puppy is being sold either with a Limited Registration or a Full Registration bases. A Limited Registration carries with it NO breeding rights and puppy is sold as a family pet.

  17. If this puppy is being purchased with Limited Registration, then Buyer must abide by the following. Buyer must have puppy spayed/neutered before the puppy’s 6th month birthday. Proof of the alteration must be submitted to Seller and shall include a copy of a veterinarian certificate stating that the procedure was done. This proof must be sent to Seller within 30 days of the procedure or the puppy’s 6th month birthday. If the puppy is bred without the expressed written permission of Seller, either by accident or design, Buyer forfeits ownership of the puppy and all monies paid to Seller. Ownership of the puppy will return to Seller. This decision will be the at the sole decision of the Seller.

  19. If this puppy is being purchased with Full Registration, then the Buyer must abide by the following. If this puppy is a female, then Buyer must not allow puppy to be bred before her 3nd heat or 1 year of age. Nor can Buyer breed the puppy on every heat cycle consecutively.If this puppy is a male, then Buyer must not use puppy for breeding before 1 year of age.
    When the decision to breed the puppy is made, then Buyer must notify the Seller in writing of the decision, prior to breeding. Buyer must only breed to another registered purebred Olde English Bulldogge. Buyer must also comply with the IOEBA’s “Breeder Code of Ethics”.

  21. The Buyer agrees to provide the puppy responsible care and will never be abused, neglected, or engage the puppy in any kind of illegal purposes. Buyer agrees to provide proper shelter, food, water and never leave the puppy on a chain for extended periods of time. Buyer also commits to provide necessary veterinarian checkups and vaccinations. If puppy ever shows signs of neglect or abuse, ownership of puppy will immediately return to the Seller without any return of monies Buyer paid.

  23. The Seller understands that circumstances can change, so if the Buyer can no longer own a dog or provide proper care for the puppy, Buyer must NOT take puppy to an animal shelter or breed rescue. Instead Buyer must return puppy to Seller, without return of monies Buyer paid.

  25. This puppy must never be given away, or sold to any individual, company or research facility without the written permission of Seller.

  27. If your puppy develops an inheritable/genetic disease before his/her first birthday that is life threatening or causes serious impairment of vital functions, then Buyer is entitled to a replacement puppy. Diseased puppy at Buyer’s expense (if not already) must have puppy spayed/neutered, after notifying Seller. Whether Buyer wants to keep original diseased puppy or return puppy to Seller will be left up to Buyer. At no time will the Seller be responsible nor will pay any of the Buyer’s veterinarian or other expenses whatsoever. The waiting period for a replacement puppy may be of one year or greater, all depending upon the availability of puppies.


The terms of this contract last the puppy’s entire life; failure to abide by the conditions set forth in this contract will result in Seller taking ownership of dog and/or civil litigation, without any refunds of monies paid for puppy.

By signing below both parties agree to fulfill the terms set forth in the contract.

(printed name)

Buyer’s Signature:_____________________________________________

Buyer’s Address:_____________________________________________

Buyer’s Contact Information: Phone Number:___________________________


Seller’s Signature:_____________________________________________

Seller’s printed name: Robert J. Salem