Basic Olde English Bulldogge Care

OEB Feeding Routine

  • OBE pups between eight and 12 weeks need four bowls of food in a day.
  • OEB puppies 3 to 6 months old should be fed 3 meals in a twenty-four hour period.
  • Feed puppies six months old to one year two bowls of food a day.
  • By the time your OEB reaches her 1st birthday, 1 meal each day is all that’s required.
  • Many times, adult OEBs might do better with two lighter servings. It’s your duty to learn your OEB’s eating habits.

Top-quality dry dog food provides balanced nutrition for full-grown OEBs and can mix with water, canned food, or broth. Your OEB may like, fruits and vegetables, and cottage cheese, but these foods should be less than ten percent of her daily allowance. OEB pups ought to be given premium-quality, name brand puppy food. You should not feed them “people food”, as it can result in vitamin and mineral imbalances, tooth and bone issues, and might cause very finicky food choices as well as obesity. Clean, fresh water should be available, and make sure to wash water and food bowls very regularly.

OEB Care Tips: Your OEB needs exercise daily
OEBs need daily physical activity so they can stay fit, stimulate their minds, and maintain good health. Daily exercise also tends to help OEBs avoid boredom, which has the potential to lead to naughty behavior. A little fun and games would cure most of your OEB’s desires to chase, retrieve, chew, dig and herd. Individual exercise needs will vary based on your OEB’s age and her level of health—but just a walk around the block every day or thirty minutes of play, depending on your OEB age. If your OEB is a six to eighteen-month adolescent, there requirements will probably be relatively more.

OEB Grooming
You can help reduce shedding and keep your OEB clean with brushing. Inspect for fleas and ticks every day during warm weather. Many OEBs don’t need to be bathed more than a few times during the year. Bath, and rinse all soap out of the coat, or the dirt will stick to the soap residue.

Handling Your OEB
Pups, as opposed to adults, are obviously the easiest to manage. When carrying your OEB pup, put 1 hand beneath your dog’s chest, either with the forearm or your other hand supporting his hind legs and rear. Never attempt to grab or lift your pup by the front legs, or nape. If you need to lift a bigger, full-grown OEB, lift from underneath, supporting his chest with one arm and rear end with your other.

Housing your OEB
OEBs need a warm peaceful spot in order to rest apart from all the breezes and off the floor or ground. You may wish to purchase a dog bed, or make one out of a wood box. Place a clean comforter, sheet, or pillow in the bed as cushion. Wash the OEB’s bed covering frequently. If the OEB will be spending a lot of time outdoors, be certain they has plenty of cool water and shade in hot weather, and a dry, covered, warm shelter when it’s cold.

OEB Licensing and Identification
As a responsible dog owner, learn, understand and heed all licensing rules and regulations in your area. You should connect the license to the OEB’s collar. This, together with an identification tag and microchip, will help you recover your OEB if they happens to go missing.

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